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Most Common Dumpster Rental FAQs

  • How does the pickup procedure for the dumpster work?

When your dumpster reaches full capacity, and you're prepared for its removal, a quick call to us is all it takes. We'll coordinate a hassle-free pick-up at a time that suits your convenience. It's truly as straightforward as that.

  • What items are not allowed in the dumpster?

Our dumpsters are equipped to manage an extensive range of waste types; however, it's crucial to be aware of the materials that we cannot accept. Prohibited items include, but are not limited to, dirt, concrete, hazardous materials such as motor oil, weapons, hydraulic oil, animals, radioactive waste, tires, antifreeze, all liquids, asbestos, sealed tanks/drums, batteries, chemicals, aerosol cans, flammables, propane tanks, and pesticides.

  • When should I book/ reserve my dumpster?

We advise reserving your dumpster well in advance to secure availability, particularly for larger dumpsters or during busy/peak periods. While we do provide same-day service, scheduling a dumpster days or weeks ahead is highly encouraged to avoid incurring any same-day fees.

  • When do we pay for the dumpster rental?

Liberty Bins Dumpster Rentals allows you to prepay for your dumpster rental using a major credit card over the phone. We accept Visa, Mastercard, American Express, and Discover. Alternatively, you can opt to make the payment for the dumpster rental in person when we arrive at your location. This ensures that we place the dumpster precisely where you desire. As long as our rear truck tires have a stable footing on solid ground, placement should proceed without any issues.

  • What happens if we go over the allowed weight specified?

If you exceed the designated weight limit specified for the dumpster rental, an overweight fee will be incurred, in addition to the tonnage charge at $110 per ton, with any additional rental fees. Please note that the maximum weight that can be safely transported in these dumpsters is 6 tons.

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